Western Region Automotive trading as Thomson Ford

Terms & Conditions

The Thomson Automotive Privilege Club program is subject to the following terms & conditions which are subject to change at any time without notice. Please visit the Thomson Automotive website [www.thomsonautomotive.com.au] for complete and current terms & conditions.

  1. The Thomson Automotive Privilege Club program is limited to Thomson Automotive. Earning and redeeming points will be limited to transactions completed within the Thomson Automotive dealership.

  2. You must be in possession of your own Loyalty Rewards card to accumulate Loyalty Rewards.

  3. To accumulate Loyalty Rewards for referring a relative or friend the referral must be made clear to the dealer prior to the relative or friend’s purchase. Only one referral benefit can be earned per referral.

  4. Program membership, including any unclaimed Loyalty Rewards, expire after 24 months of inactivity.

  5. Program membership is conditional upon all scheduled servicing being carried out by Thomson Automotive.

  6. The rewards & benefits of this program are in lieu of all other offers and discounts.

  7. The Member is responsible for checking their personal account regularly via the Privilege Club web site to view current balance or expiry of Loyalty Rewards.

  8. The Member must advise dealer if Loyalty Rewards are missing and proof of purchase may be required.

  9. Loyalty Rewards are deducted for goods or services that are returned for refund.

  10. Membership Card must be produced when purchasing and additional identity check may be required with drivers’ license or similar.

  11. Loyalty Rewards are not transferable, non-refundable or redeemable for cash.

  12. Program membership may be cancelled at the discretion of Western Region Automotive P/L.

  13. If the member or dealer cancels membership any remaining Loyalty Rewards will be forfeited.

  14. Changes can be made to terms & conditions at any time including but not limited to the number of Privilege rewards points earned for various purchases.

  15. Only one membership per individual is allowed.

  16. The Rewards card remains the property of Western Region Automotive P/L and must be returned to the issuing dealer if membership is cancelled.

  17. Loyalty Rewards may be subject to “fringe-benefits” or other tax assessment. Members are advised to check with their tax advisor for further information.

  18. Trade customers and employees of Western Region Automotive Pty Ltd are excluded.